Deco Waves 2
Deco Waves 2
DecoWaves 2 Dusty RoseDusty Rose Deco Waves Window FilmGolden Yellow Deco Waves 2Deco Waves 2 LavenderLite Frost DecoWavesMint Deco Waves 2Mint Deco Waves 2DecoWaves 2 MintDeco Waves 2 Sky BlueSky Blue Deco Waves 2
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Let the cascading beauty of Deco Waves transform your ordinary glass doors into doors with style. From subtle to eye-catching, Deco Waves give glass doors a fashionable new look. Creating doors that are unique and described as modern art, cool, hip, retro, chic, contemporary, funky and fun decor.

Glass doors get an uptown look with Deco Waves2. The single clear wave created with this design adds beauty and interest to your glass doors.

Very easy to apply, the average door is decorated in less than 20 minutes. Each piece is pre-cut, you only trim the length if needed.

Available in 10 Deco Tint colors in a privacy version and a see-thru version as well as white frosted and lite frosted film.

If privacy is desired, a Deco Tint privacy film can be applied to the other side of the glass.

Includes 2 side waves and is available in 3 widths:
Narrow - each wave is 9" wide and recommended for glass widths 18" to 28"
Standard - each wave is 13" wide and recommended for glass widths 26" to 36"
Wide - each wave is 17" wide and recommended for glass widths 34" to 48"


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