Decorating Sidelights and Transoms with Adhesive-free Window Film to Add Beauty and Privacy
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Decorating Sidelights and Transoms with Adhesive-Free Window Film to Add Beauty and Privacy


Biscayne See-Thru Decorative Window Film

Whether you have double or single entryway doors with one sidelight or two, transom or no transom, your front door is the focal point of your curb appeal. Yes, of course, landscaping and a manicured yard are important as well but nothing says “look at me” like a beautiful entryway into your home. Although there is a wide array of front doors to choose from that are lovely, nothing dresses up a door like sidelights and transoms.

Faith 16x74 Etched Glass Window Film

Although beautiful, sidelights and transoms raise other issues such as privacy and security. Obviously, more glass is more transparency. If you would like to add privacy and security to these beautiful doors while still allowing light to enter, it used to be that you would have to purchase beveled or stained glass to be custom installed which can be very expensive.

Mandalay Privacy Stained Glass Decorative Window Film

Adhesive-free decorative window films are vinyl clings that adhere to your glass using a static cling technology that is easy for you to install and remove. You can install these window films yourself and when you are ready for a new look simply pull a corner loose, peel them off and choose another design to apply. These window films look as good as or better than real decorative glass at a much lower price.

Everleaf Privacy Etched Glass Decorative Window Film

The most common size sidelights are from 8 inches to 18 inches wide and a variety of heights, while transoms can be a variety of sizes and shapes. Sidelights’ and transoms’ variety is what makes decorative window film ideal since they are easy to trim with scissors or a utility knife so you don’t have to worry about finding a film that is the exact measurements of your glass. The most common size of window film that is purchased for sidelight installation is 16 inches wide by 74 inches high. When choosing decorative window film for transoms, typically a wider and shorter film is needed such as 43 inches wide by 37 inches tall. Obviously, when trimming, you should also consider the design of your film.

Rhapsody Privacy Stained Glass Decorative Window Film

Now that you’ve decide to use decorative window film, which design will be best for you? A variety of decorative window film designs are available to meet your needs such as stained glass, privacy stained glass, strong elements designs, etched glass designs, deco tints, and beveled glass designs.

South Beach Etched Glass Window Film

Strong elements designs are films such as Doral, Ritz, Allure, and South Beach (you can find on our website). These films have designs that usually start in the center of the film therefore should be installed with the design centered on your glass and trimmed equally on all sides if needed. Using this type of decorative film may take a little bit of planning but will add true elegance to your sidelights. These films have some transparent elements to allow you to still look out but are primarily frosted white film so it adds privacy while still allowing light to enter the room.

Eden Etched Glass Privacy Decorative Window Film

Most stained glass and etched glass designs are a repeating pattern which makes them very simple to install. These can usually be installed by simply starting at a corner and trimming any excess if needed. Transoms may take more work depending on the shape of your window. Many designs are available in both see-thru and privacy so that you can decide how much privacy you would like. If looking to add color to the front doors, you should consider a stained glass pattern. If you would like a simple look you may consider etched glass designs.

Ruby Red and Sandstone Deco Tint Window Film

The easiest decorative window films to install are the solid white frosted films and the deco tint home films. Made by Wallpaper for Windows these beautiful films are available in white and ten different colors such as Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Golden Yellow, Mint Green, Dusty Rose, and Spring Green. Solid colors that are available in both privacy and see-thru designs will add a simple yet colorful look to your front door glass.

Regardless of the look you want to add to your front door glass, you can find an easy to install and affordable decorative window film that meets your needs.  

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